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What Makes for Good Catering in Stamford, CT?

What makes for good catering in Stamford, CT? These items are some of what separate the ‘men from the boys’ in the catering world:

Cooking: At its most basic level, catering in Stamford, CT is all about food. No matter how beautifully the venue is decorated or how carefully the place settings are arranged, none of it matters if the food is awful. Long Ridge Tavern has some of the best food and most extensive menu for miles around.

Food safety: A good caterer (and their staff) should be aware of and comply with the most-up-to-date food safety laws in their particular state. When you hire Long Ridge Tavern for your catering in Stamford, CT needs, you can be sure our staff will observe all food safety regulations at all time.

Customer Service: Our caterers work with clients to design a menu. Good communication and people skills are vital to building up a client repertoire and catering a successful event. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation, and word-of-mouth remains some of the most effective advertising out there.

Flexibility & Creativity: Long Ridge Tavern’s catering in Stamford, CT team understands that recipes may need to be adjusted to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods may have to be altered to conform to religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. Our imaginative and adaptable catering in Stamford, CT team will be able to triumph in these situations, and instill confidence in our clients in the process.

Leadership: Our caterers manage a staff of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers, while ensuring our team is aware of schedules, place settings, serving customs, and food safety regulations. Motivation: Our caterers are enthusiastic and proactive at all times for all events. During the busiest times of year, our caterers may work long hours, seven days a week, which demands stamina. It is the pleasure of Long Ridge Tavern to employ members of our Stamford, CT catering team who fit this mold.

Need a venue as well as excellent catering in Stamford, CT? Long Ridge Tavern provides a wondrous atmosphere in our restaurant to add that special touch to each meal. Being the best restaurant in Stamford CT, we provide a unique and entertaining atmosphere to our guests which they cannot find elsewhere. Our dine-in space is beautifully decorated to suit any guest; whether it’s a family gathering or a party with friends. Feature the highest quality of food and the best customer service of Long ridge Tavern at your next birthday party, office party, family reunion or wedding reception. What makes us so special at Long Ridge Tavern, is that we know how to entertain a crowd.

We’ve got a large facility that can comfortably accommodate a party of up to 200 guests. We have all the ingredients and expertise necessary to host/cater for any type of party. We provide a unique combination of food alongside live music entertainment. We have also designed a customized menu for parties which was triple-checked to ensure diversity in its offerings so as to include something for everyone.

So, if you are looking for excellent catering in Stamford, CT contact Long Ridge Tavern at: 203-329-7818.