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What Restaurants in Stamford Offer Private Parties?

What Restaurants in Stamford Offer Private PartiesDo you have an event coming up and need to find a place to hold it? That might make you wonder, “What restaurants in Stamford offer private parties?” While there are several options, it’s important to choose a spot that has everything you need. Ask yourself some questions, so you can find the best venue for your private party.

What Restaurants in Stamford Offer Private Parties and a Customized Menu?

If you’re hosting a private party at a restaurant, the food is very important. You want to order off a special, customized menu, so you can wow your guests. If you have lots of menu options, you won’t have any trouble exceeding expectations at your event.

What Restaurants in Stamford Have Live Entertainment?

Live entertainment can add to the experience when hosting a private party. Before you book a room at a restaurant, check the entertainment options. If you select a restaurant with live music, your guests are sure to have a great time during the event.

What Restaurants in Stamford Offer Private Parties With Special Accommodations?

Does your guest list include anyone with food sensitivities or allergies? If so, it’s crucial to find a restaurant that will make accommodations for your guests. You don’t want anyone to get sick during the party, so keep this in mind.

What Restaurant Hosts Various Styles of Events?

When asking, “What restaurants in Stamford offer private parties?” you should also consider the style of the event. Some venues only host specific types of events, while others can handle every kind, from business meetings to weddings and birthday parties. When you choose such a venue, you can use it each time you have a new event to host.

Choose Long Ridge Tavern

Long Ridge Tavern is a top choice when hosting a private party in Fairfield County. We offer a sizable customized menu for events. Also, we can make special accommodations for allergies and food preferences, and your guests can enjoy live entertainment. We host a variety of events, so you’re sure to love holding your party here. Call Long Ridge Tavern at (203) 329-7818 to schedule your private party at our Stamford restaurant.

Live Music in Stamford

Live Music in StamfordDid you know that the Long Ridge Tavern offers live music in Stamford? You can stop by every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. to listen to live tunes from your favorite local bands. Check out some reasons why this is the place to go for live music on the weekends.

A Great Assortment of Bands

Some venues that offer live music in Stamford put the same types of bands on the stage night after night. Long Ridge Tavern provides a range of choices, though. You just have to look at the June lineup to understand the diverse offerings.

The month opened with a performance by Chica & The Man. This duo performs music from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, so you’re sure to hear some of your favorite songs when you see them live. Long Ridge Tavern also welcomed Retro Express to the stage. This band scores high marks for playing the classics and current hits. People of all ages love listening to Retro Express perform.

Sister Sun is also a fun band to see live. The family folk band has been wowing audiences for years and continues to deliver. Add in Kismet Duo, A-Situation Band, and others, and it’s clear that you can enjoy an assortment of live music at Long Ridge Tavern.

Comfortable Venue

You love listening to live music, but you might not enjoy standing outside. That’s not a problem when you go here. You can grab a table inside and watch the band play. It’s so comfortable that you can easily stay the entire three hours.

Great Food and Live Music in Stamford

This isn’t just a place to listen to live music. You can also enjoy some delicious food while jamming to the tunes. There is a nice mix of tavern fare and entrees to enjoy while the band performs. If you are in the mood for tavern food, you can’t beat the chicken pot pie or fish and chips. On the other hand, if you want something a little heartier, why not try the classic wiener schnitzel or treat yourself to a grilled NY sirloin steak? These are just some of the tasty options at Lodge Ridge Tavern.

Get the Details on the Best Live Music in Stamford

With live music twice a week, you can get your live music fix at Long Ridge Tavern. Check out the live music schedule online or call (203) 329-7818 to get the lineup. Then, make plans to see some phenomenal live music in Stamford.

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About Us

Are you seeking a great restaurant in Stamford, CT? Long Ridge Tavern is here to provide excellent food, amazing service, and a wonderful atmosphere for families and friends! At Long Ridge Tavern we serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We are open from noon until 9 Monday through Thursday, from noon through 10 PM Friday & Saturday, and Sunday for brunch from 11 AM to 2:30 PM. Long Ridge Tavern is located at 2635 Long Ridge Road in Stamford, CT.

Lunch Options

Our lunch menu has extensive delicious options. We have classic appetizers and salads such as our Baby Arugula Salad, or our spicy Buffalo Chicken Ribbons for a mouthwatering starter. Moving onto our lunchtime entreés we have bountiful burgers and tasty sandwiches just waiting for you! Take a bit out of our classic Blackened Bacon Cheeseburger if you’re feeling like something hearty. We also have Tavern Fare such as our Reuben Sandwich, California Wrap, Tavern-Pepper Steak Sandwich and more!

Dinner Options

Our dinner menu is certain to delight no matter what the occasion is. Take for example our Ultimate Filet Mignon with grilled Angus beef, baked potato, vegetables, and port wine-thyme demi-glaze. Mouthwatering! Or Perhaps our Wild Mushroom Ravioli served with a garlic white wine sauce, wilted spinach and roasted red peppers. When you come to a great restaurant in Stamford, CT there is more to be discovered! We also have Rotisserie Duck L’Orange for something you won’t find at just any other tavern. Our options are just waiting to be explored. Take a glance at our menu for more delectable delicacies.

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Long Ridge Tavern is a great restaurant in Stamford, CT. Close to home and complete with outstanding options. Now, all we need is you! Let Long Ridge Tavern host your next gathering. Our full-service banquet hall is suited to even the liveliest of festivities. We also have an antique gift shop that has a rustic feel and compliments our old-world aesthetic. You can find a variety of trinkets and treats. Long Ridge Tavern is also happy to offer excellent live music to compliment your Friday and Saturday evenings. Check us out at Long Ridge Tavern and see what’s new! We are happy to accommodate reservations and requests. Call us today at 203 – 329 – 7818.