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Restaurant Stamford

Long Ridge Tavern, a place of not only a good place to dine but also a place to shop and be entertained. Stanford a very busy and exciting place in Connecticut, and also the home to Long Ridge Tavern. 

Check out all the different things that we have to offer you, like our Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Sunday Brunch and even for those picky children, our very own Children’s Menu. Check out some Live Entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30pm to 11:30pm! Hear all the local bands or even have your own band play! If thats not enough before or even after your delicious meal with us check out our Antique Shop. Our antique shop is stocked weekly with all different sort of quirky things so you are bound to find something that you like or a gift for someone else. Our antique shop includes things like, jewelry, holiday items, furniture, dish ware, figurines, pictures, candles and so much more! Or even consider us for hosting your private events or even have us cater to your special events!

Contact us at (203) 329 7818 for more information or even to make a reservation or even request a to go order now! Come visit us at Long Ridge Tavern right in Stamford CT today!

Restaurant Norwalk

Searching for a restaurant to take friends and family for a nice meal and homey atmosphere in Norwalk CT? Well it is time for you to call that search off, Long Ridge Tavern is here to help!

Long Ridge Tavern offers a New England ambiance with dishes at a family friendly cost. Long Ridge Tavern is the perfect for any type of night out! We have a very well rounded balance of delicious dishes as well as our Live Entertainment and Antique Shop to really enhance the experience. Our Live Entertainment is Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. Our regular patrons enjoy our Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Our Sunday Brunch, and for those picky children we have our own Children’s Menu. Our dishes go anywhere from various appetizers and entrees, including sandwiches and pizzas, and pick from our specialty wine or desserts .

Contact us (203) 329 7818 and stop in to discover the new hot spot of Norwalk CT here at Long Ridge Tavern!

Live Entertainment Norwalk

Looking for some excitement to do in Norwalk CT after a long day at work? Stop in to Long Ridge Tavern for some awesome live entertainment!

Check out who is playing this Friday and Saturday and even have your band or a friends band call and come watch them preform with us! Stop by Friday and Saturday evening between 8:30pm to 11:30 pm and jam out with us!
Get to know our personable staff and cozy and homey restaurant while you enjoy drinks and appetizers. You can even check out our Antique Store with various items for you or anyone you may know!

Contact us today at (203) 329 7818 for more information about our restaurant, Long Ridge Tavern in Norwalk CT and ask about the bands playing this week!

Restaurant Fairfield CT

Long Ridge Tavern a restaurant in Fairfield CT is a great choice for a restaurant anywhere in the relative area! Here at Long Ridge Tavern we have great food and character to really enhance your dining experience! Long Ridge Tavern is known to its customers as a restaurant with great food and spirits!

Not only is Long Ridge Tavern known for its delicious food, also for its entertainment! Our entertainment includes Live Entertainment Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to 11:30pm! Check out our website to see who’s playing and maybe even have your band or a friends band play for us! Not only do we offer Live Entertainment we also have our very own Antique Shop! Our antique shop is restocked weekly with items such as, jewelry, holiday items, furniture, pictures, figurines, and even dish ware! Come browse and maybe find the perfect item for a friend or even a loved one. And to ‘put the icing on the cake’ as one may say, we have a place for private parties and will even cater to your special events for up to 200 people like baby showers, bat/bat Mitzvahs, bridal showers, and even business parties! Take a look for yourself to our Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Sunday Brunch and Children’s Menu!

Contact Long Ridge Tavern in Fairfield CT at (203) 329 7818 for more information, or to even make a reservation, request catering to go order, or to schedule your next catered or private event with us!

Restaurant Stamford CT

Long Ridge Tavern, a restaurant in Stamford CT that not only offers great foods but also great spirits! Residents in Stamford and surrounding areas enjoy dining with us for all times of the day when they dine at our fabulous establishment.

Here at Long Ridge Tavern we offer food as well as entertainment! We offer Live Entertainment Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 pm to 11:30pm! Visit our Antique Shop to discover a wide variety of antique treasures including but not limited to, jewelry, holiday items, furniture, dish ware, figurines, pictures, and candles! Think of all the intriguing things you may find that may become the perfect piece for a place in your house, or the perfect gift for a loved one! Don’t worry we restock the shop often so it is always filled with vintage and unique collectibles. We also offer private parties as well as catering that may accommodate up to 200 people. Have Long Ridge Tavern cater to, a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parities or even your business event all in Stamford CT! Check out all the different menus we have for all the different times of day you can come and dine with us! We have a Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Sunday Brunch Menu and for those with picky children we offer our very own Children’s Menu! 

Contact Long Ridge Tavern of Stamford CT at (203) 329 7818 to make a reservation, request catering to go order or even schedule your next catering event or private party with us!

Best Restaurant Fairfield County CT

Need a new hotspot to go to in your area? Long Ridge Tavern in Fairfield County is the place for you! Ever since Long Ridge Tavern opened it has been a patron favorite and exciting spot for everyone to enjoy.

We are open for Brunch on Sundays, LunchDinner and Dessert. Long ridge Tavern is guarantee to satisfy your taste buds more then you expect it too. Our menus include hamburgers, a wide array of seafood, and ribs. Our staff is very polite and attentive to make sure you have the best experience as well as the best food. Not only will you enjoy our delicious food off our menus, enjoy our live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. Or visit our very own antique shop that is located right in our restaurant! Our antique shop is restocked every week with new and exciting things, anything ranging from holiday items, dish ware, figurines, pictures, jewelry, candles, and furniture.

Contact Long Ridge Tavern in Fairfield County CT at (203) 329 7818 to make a reservation or even an order to go. Browse the rest of our website for more information on food, entertainment or even private parties and catering.