2635 Long Ridge Rd,
Stamford, CT 06903
203 - 329 - 7818

Stamford CT’s Best Restaurant

Smoked fish with a schmear on bagels and babka. Is this what comes to mind when you think of best restaurants in Stamford? I hope not! Doesn’t exactly sound sexy, right?  Fortunately, there’s Long Ridge Tavern, and they’ve got a whole lot more that bagels going on!

When it comes to fine dining with all the trimmings, Long Ridge Tavern is absolutely the best restaurant in Stamford. When it comes to Connecticut, words like pretentious and uptown tend to come to mind, however, Long Ridge Tavern is neither. It’s several things actually; it’s antique shop, wheeling and dealing in all things cute and kitschy. It’s a hot spot for live entertainment. It is the place for parties. And, of course, it’s the best restaurant in Stamford!

This ambitious Connecticut haunt is changing the way you think about appetizing grub! Through it’s menu and atmosphere, Long Ridge Tavern is breaking tradition with standard Stamford restaurants!

What to drink with all that amazing food? Check out the bar! Long Ridge Tavern turns out an impressive roster of cocktails flavored with everything you can imagine! At night, the restaurant dims the lights and transforms itself into the best restaurant in Stamford, a sexy spot, scattered with oodles of atmosphere; light bouncing off the hardwood floors and shiny matching tables everywhere you look.

The menu is not light by any means and for dessert, there’s only one choice (check out the menu to find out what it is). Whatever you choose, spend an evening at Long Ridge Tavern and you’ll see why it’s considered the best restaurant in Stamford. caramel sauce. (My vote is to expand dessert menu to include homemade halvah and rainbow cookies).

One of the best things about Long Ridge Tavern is that it’s really two, funky and tasty restaurants in one.  You can come for dinner and feast on an excellent selection, all the while basking in the atmosphere, then stumble over to the antique shop and purchase a souvenir to take home!

Gone are days of snooty, pretentious restaurants in Stamford, CT. Long Ridge Tavern is ushering in a new era! So contact Long Ridge Tavern at: 203-329-7818 or stop in anytime and see why Long Ridge Tavern is becoming the best restaurant in Stamford!