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Looking for a Restaurant with Outdoor Seating in North Stamford, CT

North Stamford, CT new englanders are accustomed to long winters. When the warmer weather months finally arrive, it is smart to take advantage of every opportunity you get to enjoy it. Don’t spend another meal in a dark restaurant when there is sunshine to be soaked in. Get to a restaurant with outdoor seating and enjoy the North Stamford, CT summer weather while you can.

Long Ridge Tavern in North Stamford offers outdoor seating and has a menu worth putting on sunscreen for. They are open everyday of the week for lunch and dinner including serving a Sunday brunch so you can come have your morning coffee with us and enjoy the weather. The Tavern offers more than just their renown menu and sunshine, the bar has live music on the weekends and there is an antique shop if you want to chase your meal with a touch of history and New England uniqueness. Long Ridge Tavern specializes in the staples of traditional American cuisine offering slow cooked soups, fresh salads, and sandwiches for any hungry soul that walks through the door. You can taste the New England tavern tradition even on their lunch menu with available dishes such as Farmhouse Pot Pies, tender cooked to perfection ribs, and Yankee Pot Roast.

Everyone in North Stamford, Ct knows the summers are not long enough to waste time eating indoors. Long Ridge Tavern is ready to serve you outside 7 days a week. They can cater their dishes to the vegetarian diner and have their full menus available online. Call to make your reservations today 203-329-7818!