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Stamford, CT 06903
203 - 329 - 7818

Looking For a Restaurant in Stamford?

Looking for an entertaining restaurant in Stamford? If there’s one thing Stamford does really well, its hospitality. We have some incredible hotels and restaurants, and there are few places that match the county’s excellence in service and variety. Nothing better illustrates this than our local restaurant industry. For instance, Long Ridge Tavern is home to some incredible dining concepts that serve really (for real, really) delicious food. In addition to the American style cuisine our customers have come to know and love, Long Ridge Tavern offers dishes from a super wide range of authentic American cuisine and within a full spectrum of price ranges, so any hungry person – whether a local or visitor – has more options than they can begin to choose from. The only issue is where to begin!

That’s why this restauranin Stamford is so awesome! Long Ridge Tavern offers ultra fresh American-style faire. Our philosophy is based on the healthy way of thinking, fresh and natural ingredients, prepared quickly.Using only the finest ingredients, Long Ridge Tavern prides itself on keeping it interesting with a menu that changes seasonally and food that is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate. We offer over a dozen wines by the glass and our global wine list is reasonably priced offering over 100 bottles. We also have an interesting selection of draft, bottle and large format beers. The end result,is a balance of flavors and textures that will have you returning for more on a regular basis!

Not only is Long Ridge Tavern a sit down and take out restaurant in Stamford, but we also offer catering throughout the area. Need to edit the menu? Someone allergic to one of our ingredients? No worries, we will prepare your dishes just the way you want them! Make your next event memorable with fresh American-style catering options from Long Ridge Tavern.

We could go on and on, but pictures are really more appetizing. Click here to check out our menu, the pictures alone will make your mouth water!

The beauty of American-style food is that it incorporates various pungent flavors. From beans to vegetables, there are a variety of ways to mix it up for a healthy American-style meal that’s also very tasty.

Regulars keep coming back to the Long Ridge Tavern for our consistently high food quality, extensive wine selection, outstanding cocktails, and courteous, professional service. We take pride in bringing fine food at fair prices to our guests, which is why we’ve been a hot spot in the Stamford area since we first opened our doors. So, if you are looking for an awesome restaurant in StamfordLong Ridge Tavern is it! Come on in, or contact us at: 203-329-7818 to take advantage of our catering services, and see for yourself what makes Long Ridge Tavern one of the best restaurants in Stamford!