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Antique Shop Gift Hunting and Dining Together in Stamford, CT

Any full day of shopping in Stamford, CT or even an afternoon out and about bouncing from antique shop to antique shop is not complete without catching a meal along the way.  Antiques are a great gift idea for anyone that appreciates history, tradition and a story to accompany their charming household decorations.  New England is a great place to hunt for your unique gift items and to enjoy a meal as you go.  Long Ridge Tavern is ready to handle both the needs of your taste buds and shopping bag.

Long Ridge Tavern is a restaurant steeped in traditional American comfort food and has a gift shop to peruse before or after your meal arrives.  Open everyday of the week the restaurant serves lunch, dinner and just about the best Sunday brunch you could hope to find in Stamford.  The antique shop keeps a wide variety of gifts and keepsakes as well as presenting new items weekly.  They make it so there is always something new to visit the shop for.  You can always expect to find holiday items, dishware, figurines, pictures, jewelry, candles and furniture.  Not ready to sit down for a meal after shopping?  Long Ridge Tavern has a bar waiting for you.  You can grab a refreshing cocktail, enjoy a glass of wine or get your energy back up before heading out with a cup of coffee.

Many restaurants sell a hat or t-shirt with their name on it, but if you are in Stamford, CT come visit a antique shop that would be worth the trip even if their wasn’t a restaurant attached to it.  Call or more information or just come on by 203-329-7818!